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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Transportation Systems Engineering

Innovative Transportation Systems Engineering for the Midwest

Pacific St. Installation

Our Pacific Street installation in Omaha is adjacent to the University of Nebraska\'s Peter Kiewit Institute. We have a total of twelve cameras installed - four each at two adjacent signalized intersections at 67th and 69th Streets on Pacific Street and two each at two mid-block locations between the two signalized intersections. This installation provides nearly continuous monitoring of Pacific Street from west of 69th Street to east of 67th Street in addition to detailed data on the operation of the two signalized intersections. All of the data collected comes into the TSE ITS Lab at University of Nebraska’s Peter Kiewit Institute. We use this installation to collect and analyze data for both undergraduate and graduate courses as well as for several research projects.

This installation was made possible through funding from the National Science Foundation, the Nebraska Research Initiative and the Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation and from equipment donations from Econolite and Cox Cable.

General Location of Installation

General Map

Specific Equipment Locations

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